Getting the most out of your make-up trial

Getting the most out of your make-up trial

The beauty of being a make-up artist is that on a daily basis and as a personal habit, I instinctively look for and see what is most beautiful about someone, and then set to work enhancing and amplifying it.

Being a make-up artist is such personal art form. As make-up artist working one-on-one with a client, I am literally creating art on your face, and helping to form and enhance how you see yourself, and how the world see’s you. And that’s no small thing.

The real magic of make-up is that when my clients see their best assets amplified on the outside, they cant help but let their best internal assets amplify and shine too!  I have yet to meet a client that doesn’t have one or more stunning features, that once enhanced, shifts their whole perception of themselves and how they feel. Its a magical moment and what I love most about what I do.

Make-up SHOULD BE all about feeling confident and being your best self.

So with being your best self amplified in mind, here are some of my personal tips for preparing for your make-up trial and getting the right look that amplifies your inside and outside for your wedding day.

1.INSPIRATION: Get as much inspiration as possible by looking through fashion and bridal magazines and noting any make-up looks you like (or any images you have of yourself where you have loved your make-up)

Make-up that looks good in person AND also photographs well is an art. I find that press-shots of celebrities at events are a great way to find examples of what does and doesn’t work.

Make-up that doesn't work!
Make-up that doesn’t work!
Make-up that works Eva's natural beauty
Make-up that works Eva’s natural beauty

2. Make sure the make-up looks you are referencing are of people with similar features and colourings to you.  A blonde fair skinned woman is going to have a completely different approach to her make-up than an olive skinned and dark haired woman.

3. Bring any of your favourite lipsticks or make-up products if you would like me to use them.

4. Wear white! A white gown can really wash a lot of skin tones out. Having your make-up trial done while wearing white is really going to help you see how you will look on the day, and the reason why you need just that little bit more colour and make-up.

5. Take pictures and wear your make-up for  at least 5 hours after your trial. This way you can see how it wears and photographs.


6. Have fun and remember, this is a trial and it’s just make-up – if you would like to change any element of your make-up this is your time experiment and play! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let me know what is and isn’t working.

Walk out feeling confident and beautiful!


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