The Ultimate Wedding make-up

The Ultimate Wedding make-up

Achieving the ultimate wedding make-up

 There’s more to a wedding make-up than meets the eye.


Everyone wants to look glowing and natural, however the real art is finding the right balance between natural make-up, make-up that is YOU, and make-up that is going to show up well on camera and not wash you out.



After over 6 years in the make-up industry for weddings and fashion photography, here are my tips for PERFECT make-up that will be YOU, enhanced, and perfect for professional photos.



1. Make sure your make-up artist uses a high quality non-greasy foundation that gives you an airbrushed finish without looking caked or overdone. Even if you have perfect skin, you will need just that little bit of extra coverage for a long day, and the many photos to come.


 2.Enhance your eyes


It is really important to give your eyes just that touch more intensity for photography. Keep in mind that a photograph will tone down your make-up by 40-50%! If you don’t like strong eye make-up, this can be done with some natural individual lashes and a fine slick of eyeliner.



3. Bump up the colour!


Whether it is a beautiful shade of blush along the cheekbones, a pastel or bronze colour on your eyelids, or the perfect shade of lipstick, when you are wearing a white dress you need to intensify your colour (even with a good fake tan)!



4. Use highlights on your skin.


There’s nothing more beautiful and beauty enhancing that well placed highlights on the cheekbones, brow bone and the cupids bow of the lip. As in the picture above, when the light hits the face from the photographers flash, or the glowing sun, this pro-trick brings your face to life!



5. Powder the skin well.


Powder doesn’t need to be heavy, but keeping the shine away by carrying a good blotting powder (or blotting paper) will help you to avoid the ‘grease-ball’ look as the day progresses, and extend the life of your make-up.




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